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      Cushion Inners: What's To Know?

      Cushion Inners: What's To Know?

      Duck feather pads have been around as a luxury option for a while now. However, polyester pads are a relatively new entrant to the cushion scene and are fast becoming a popular alternative for a variety of reasons. At Cushoo, we feel our customers should know the positives of both inner types in order to make an informed decision for their home. This blog should help you out!
      Firstly though, for people asking which one is better, there is no preferred pad. It is personal opinion and personal opinion only.

       Cushions lifestyle - Cushoo
      Image by: @_the_stables

      Duck feather cushion pads are an obvious luxurious choice. They are larger than their polyester counter-parts, and extremely durable. With the right care and maintenance, they can last around 8-10 years; occasionally needing a good fluff-up every now and again to keep them bouncy and soft. They don’t lose their natural shape as easily as the polyester inner, and therefore offer lasting support along with maximum softness.
      If you intend to use your cushions for their practical use rather than just to stare at (although we wouldn’t blame you for doing just that), then duck feather offers a breathable pad for you. Place them on sofas, chairs or beds and get comfortable.

      Our only warning for a duck feather inner is to let the pad fully dry before you use them again, or you could risk mould. Just let it dry off, plump it up and enjoy the luxury for longer! We understand that the duck feather option is also the more expensive one, but that is because you are paying for premium comfort and support. Some people would agree that this is worth the extra money, but for those who don’t, the polyester inner provides a popular alternative.

       Duck feather pad - Cushoo

      Although a new entrant to the scene, the polyester pad is making waves due to its cost. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and even easier to maintain. One of the biggest positives of the polyester hollow fibre inner is its maintenance; just wash and dry them in a washing machine and they are ready to use.  Hollow fibre polyester pads can also be hypoallergenic and breathable so they are safe for allergy sufferers. As you may have guessed, the hollow fibre is named due to the ‘hollow’ space between its knotting, that makes this option a more breathable inner to synthetic alternatives.

      Our main warning for the polyester inner is its shorter life span; although you can still enjoy many years of use from it, we advise purchasing new pads every two to three years or so.

      To conclude we would have to reiterate our original point – it is personal preference that will guide your decision. A luxury duck feather pad will last longer and provide more comfort but ultimately cost a few pounds more. A polyester filler will need to be replaced more often but offers a comfortable, affordable alternative.

      Thankfully we offer both, so pick your favourite cushion of ours, and maybe this blog can aid your decision?

      Cushoo x